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“What does it take to reach the Top of your profession”?


This is a question that is often asked of the rich and famous in the world of sport, music, entertainment and highly trained professional’s such as the medical and legal profession.

However being the top of your profession should be something that we all aspire to achieve! So whether you are the pot washer at the local pub the Ship & Dock or Roger Federer, arguably the world’s best tennis player ever to grace a court you need to have:

Passion – We are not talking the sultry passion that you find written in a Jilly Cooper novel, but more over a real love and devotion that pushes you and anyone around you to reach the pinnacle of your career.

Dedication – It is of no surprise that the old TV programme Record Breakers theme tune hosted by Roy Castle & featuring twins Ross & Norris McWhirter had the lyrics “dedications what you need”. For example I wonder how long it took Sally Pearson from Australia to train to break the World Record for the fastest 100m with an egg and spoon? For those wanting to see if they can break her record you will need to beat 16.59 seconds.

Natural Talent / Good Genes – There is no doubt that to be the best that you will have to have a lot of other attributes but nothing can take from a natural born talent…. Ronnie O’Sullivan is not one to spend hours on a snooker table practising but is widely regarded as the most naturally gifted player ever to play the game, although I would like to put Hurricane Higgins in the debate for that but you get the gist.

A bit of Luck – This is a must!! I am not saying that you can not reach the Top without it…… but I am saying that it certainly helps. For example Ringo Starr was plying his trade as the drummer for a relatively unknown band Rory Storm & the Hurricanes when controversially he replaced Pete Best who was sacked by The Beatles for not being good enough! Now Starr must have had natural talent, but he most certainly had some lady luck as the Beatles still remain the most successful British Band of all time.

As a recruitment consultant, I want to be the very best I can be and I am very passionate about offering the very best service to both my candidates and clients. Ensuring that I dedicate enough time to understand all of their needs, be it a Legal 500 looking for the very best lawyers or solicitors seeking the next move in their career. I use all the resources available to me including social media, existing contacts and even I have a little natural talent in matching the right people for their perfect job. However I also still need that little bit of lady luck riding with me. So if you are ready to take the next step to reaching your potential pick up the phone or drop me an email and start to make your own luck!


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