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TV Lawyers – Were you influenced during your early days?

TV Lawyers – Were you influenced during your early days?  Growing up, was your career choice played out on the small screen before your eyes?

Petrocelli and The Paperchase gave me an insight into American Law and with hindsight ignited my interest in justice and the legal fields. Although I did not actively pursue a career in law, I have specialised in recruiting lawyers, solicitors and partners for a quarter of a century. Debra Tofts.

Did you find your way into law by this form of entertainment and is this an active tool in today’s society for tomorrow’s generation of lawyers. Who do you relate to in this list of Twelve Top TV Lawyers

1960’s Colour television was on its way but black and white was still the main form of gogglebox entertainment. Perry Mason gave us the pivotal confessions and the last minute key evidence often swerving the verdict.

1970’s Our first glimpse into self build houses and living in a trailer/caravan whilst burning the candles at both ends fighting justice and building the dream home. Petrocelli brought with him the flashback.

1980’s Big hair, shoulder pads, sharp suits and fast cars. LA Law gave us this, the sunshine and so much more in the time of extremes.

1990’s Sex, drugs, house sharing and the infamous face slap by Millie, we were in the days of This Life.

Millennium Unisex toilets, singing imaginary babies and emotionally fragile lawyers. We welcomed Ally McBeal into our homes and hearts.

Today Balancing home and work life, politics and the glare of the world’s media. Silk, The Good Wife and away from the script writers we have the reality of cameras in our courts.

What’s ahead for the next 50 years? You tube law, reality law TV and more of the best.

So which generation of lawyer are you and does your day to day life match that of your TV hero or nemesis?

If you find you are living your legal life in black and white and would like to step out of your box and into a new role please contact our team Debra Tofts, Kingsley Raffael, Christine Brannigan and Pip Sanford. We can’t promise singing babies or the fast cars but we can assist you in finding the right role for you in today’s ever changing legal environment. So lights, camera, action….



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