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Truth and Integrity what we can all learn about VW’s mistake


Truth and Integrity what we can all learn about VW’s mistakeTell me lies tell me sweet little lies……. We’ve all heard about VW’s mistake (or blatant lie?) and understand the importance of minimizing the environmental carbon footprint and of telling the truth. When a colleague of mine considered buying a new car he thought about not only the style but the MPG, reliability, resale value and integrity of the manufacturer and settled on a 2013 Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0TDI Blue motion Diesel.

He was thrilled. The fuel economy was fantastic with diesel being the same price or cheaper than petrol, and Volkswagen had created this amazing engine that didn’t let pollutants from the dirtier diesel fuel into the atmosphere.

But then came the big shocker from Volkswagen. The company had misled by basically installing a “defeat device” so that during emissions testing, it appeared that the car was emitting lower levels of pollutants than it really was.

The device affects almost 12 million cars sold worldwide. That’s 12 million cars, including his, that are emitting anywhere from five to 35 times more pollutants than advertised.

This mistake (or blatant lie?)was purposeful, and if not for the work of those pesky Environmental Protection Agency officials, which noticed discrepancies between its own tests and what VW had reported, the company would have gotten away with it.

My colleague among others reported, is not only angry and hurt, but could lose value on their cars too. This deception could have a long-term impact on the resale value and integrity of the manufacturer. The moral of this story not telling the truth can have a long term affect and damage the integrity of the person or company telling them.

Here at Law Consultants we always strive to make the necessary checks on candidates with regards to SRA and other regulatory bodies, so we can offer our Clients the most informative choices when sending candidates CV’s.

It is also important that candidates registered with us inform us of any changes to their circumstances e.g. becoming a STEP member, panel member or experience gained, as this can open other opportunities and higher salaries for them.

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