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The Seven Year Itch

Seven Year Itch

The Seven Year Itch – Back in the Sixties a documentary programme was commissioned to follow the lives of a number of children at every seven years of their life from the age of seven and onwards , The Up Series http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/9259901/From-Seven-to-56-Up-the-story-so-far.html

As a child born around this time, I have enjoyed watching the footage, the changes in the areas these children grew up in and most interestingly to me their career choices. It seems a number of the children aged 7 and at 14 had their career paths already laid ahead of them, although we may be surprised and see some career changes from 2014 – 2021, just maybe someone will run away to join the circus or have the opportunity to be an astronaut.

John Bishop’s recent television programme retracing his cycle ride though Australia had him working amongst the backpackers on a banana farm. John asked one of the backpackers where they saw themselves in twenty years time and one of them quipped “maybe as a stand up comedian with my own television show.” This was very good banter as John had pointed out the John of twenty years ago could not envisage the John of today.

Are the career choices we dream and desire in our childhood the actual path we follow? In all honesty I feel this is a yes but not to the finite ending, but in more general terms of where your inner self and calling lies. A calling to the legal, medical or teaching profession is just as real as a call to be on a stage, on TV or behind an artist’s easel.

With this in mind are you missing out by not taking the opportunity to review your professional career path on a regular basis ensuring you are not only exceeding your own expectations but also ensuring you are constantly engaged in your workplace with your colleagues and company’s ethos. Do you have a career itch to scratch (doesn’t have to be seven years) or do you feel you have been left to stagnate and maybe missed the opportunity to flourish further.

Career reviews and development are vital to all professionals at all stages and should be a continual part of your working life.   This is not achieved by job hopping to keep on looking for the “best opportunity” as this may be as elusive as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is about taking a structured and detached approach to your career path and options. You have worked so hard to reach your current role often undertaking years of study, qualifications and pure hard work to where you are today.

So stop and take a look at the next 7 years and tell me where do you want to be, Partner, Associate, Setting up your own business, Retired or undertaking Consultancy roles?

Wherever you are today, we can help you achieve your tomorrow, please call us and we will be happy to assist you with your career review and plans for today, tomorrow and beyond.

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