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“What does it take to reach the Top of your profession”?


This is a question that is often asked of the rich and famous in the world of sport, music, entertainment and highly trained professional’s such as the medical and legal profession. However being the top of your profession should be something that we all aspire to achieve! […]

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Over the past three years there has been a significant number of firms looking forward to their new member of staff joining them only to be let down at the last minute by a hasty email or phone call saying they are sorry but they wont be […]

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Legal Films 2016 – With Kingsley Raffael

I am not sure I can pass this review off as credible as BBC 1’s Film 2016 with Claudia Winkleman; but that said I am sure when she took over from Barry Norman she may have said a very similar thing. As so many, I am a […]

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New Horizons

As consultants we speak with hundreds of candidates each year who may be looking to move to a new role.  Some for relocation purposes or redundancy whilst others are looking to progress their career be it towards partnership or for a purely fee earning role with more […]

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“Are you a committed to finding your next job?”

I need to be mindful not to get on my soap box and remember that I, along with my fellow recruiters could not do our job without committed and ambitious professionals seeking their next role. This could be for: career progression, lifestyle change or relocation to name […]

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How to ensure you are the ‘Special One’ during the Interview Process

The interview process can be quite daunting for some candidates, and often you will hear about and see interview questions come up that appear so random, however rest assured there is always a thought behind the process. Bearing this in mind, we have been thinking outside of […]

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What should I do if my job isn’t working out?

Starting New Job, Calendar

The situation is this – you’ve worked closely with your recruitment consultant, found your ideal role, offered and accepted this position, resigned, worked your notice and you’ve started your new job. But you recognise early on that it isn’t what you expected and this job isn’t going […]

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Longevity in the Recruitment Industry

Find a job

Longevity in the Recruitment Industry – Well is seems like in the blink of an eye from falling into legal Recruitment in 1989 I am now celebrating 26 years in this exciting, challenging and rewarding area of Recruitment. Time passing so quickly has come as rather a […]

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