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Why ‘Soft’ Skills matter

What abilities spring to mind when you imagine the skillset of a successful lawyer? Relevant qualifications from a well-respected institution? An analytical mind, and extensive knowledge of the legal system? The ability to conduct thorough research and present findings concisely? Skills such as these may well fall […]

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Lawyers could benefit from a Smartphone vacation

As more and more of us have a smartphone glued nigh-on constantly to our hands, the time has come to question the idea that we need to be reachable 24/7. Whilst larger firms have multiple partners on board to keep things running smoothly, smaller firms often feel […]

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Social Mobility a Key Concern for Law Firms

With regards to social mobility, the law industry seems to be leading the way, with 14 firms firmly in the top 50 list of practices who have strived to take the greatest action to ensure they hire from all backgrounds. The Ministry of Justice is at the […]

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Love & Law….

Love and Hearts

Love & Law…. Not everyone is lucky in love, in fact finding your soulmate can mean kissihttp://chambers.lawconsultants.co.uk/love-law/ng a lot of frogs before finding your prince or princess. When you work in the legal profession love & law can be a difficult partnership to maintain especially when the […]

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From Lawyer to Lights…..

From Lawyer to Lights – Second-guessing your career choice? You’re not alone. Even people who put themselves through many extra years of schooling sometimes end up changing their minds. That’s the case with many of these people, who ditched their law degrees in favour of other pursuits […]

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