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“Are you a committed to finding your next job?”

I need to be mindful not to get on my soap box and remember that I, along with my fellow recruiters could not do our job without committed and ambitious professionals seeking their next role. This could be for: career progression, lifestyle change or relocation to name […]

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Law Society calls for legal professional privilege to be protected

The Law Society has urged the government to safeguard legal professional privilege in the Investigatory Powers Bill, amid concerns that the legislation could bring an end to the half-millennium during which clients have had the fundamental right to confidential legal advice. The draft Bill’s Joint Committee consultation […]

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MoJ says ‘family mediation works’

The Ministry of Justice has launched a new poster campaign to stress that family mediation works – highlighting the work done by professionals in the legal sector on some of the most sensitive family law cases, including those involving children. On the MoJ’s GOV.UK page, new documentation […]

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How to ensure you are the ‘Special One’ during the Interview Process

The interview process can be quite daunting for some candidates, and often you will hear about and see interview questions come up that appear so random, however rest assured there is always a thought behind the process. Bearing this in mind, we have been thinking outside of […]

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What should I do if my job isn’t working out?

Starting New Job, Calendar

The situation is this – you’ve worked closely with your recruitment consultant, found your ideal role, offered and accepted this position, resigned, worked your notice and you’ve started your new job. But you recognise early on that it isn’t what you expected and this job isn’t going […]

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Oh no they didn’t! 5 pantomime villains of the legal world

The problem with being a lawyer is that you’re usually opposing somebody – and they’re bound to see you as a villain, even if you’re acting as somebody else’s hero at the same time. With pantomime season approaching, we take a look at five genuine villains with […]

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The 12 Days of Law Consultants Christmas

Christmas is a time for goodwill to all people, whether employers or employees, candidates or recruiters, and at this time when many people will be coming together, we will – as always – be looking to bring together the right people with the right opportunities. With that […]

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Clients Have Champagne Tastes on Lemonade Money

When you hire a new employee, you want somebody who’s going to be an all-rounder in the role into which they are placed – highly skilled, highly experienced, enthusiastic and committed to their job. This ideal all-singing, all-dancing candidate sometimes does exist, especially in industries where competition […]

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Who Knew these Laws even existed?

Do not Cross

Who Knew these Laws even existed? ….Working in the exciting and challenging field of Law means being up to date with new and old laws and as legal professionals you constantly have those three little words as part of your everyday life, Continuing Professional Development With recent […]

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Truth and Integrity what we can all learn about VW’s mistake


Truth and Integrity what we can all learn about VW’s mistake…Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies……. We’ve all heard about VW’s mistake (or blatant lie?) and understand the importance of minimizing the environmental carbon footprint and of telling the truth. When a colleague of mine […]

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