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How to write a good CV

I’ve been given the task of writing a blog on ‘How to write a good CV’.  If you put this subject into Google there are 65,200,000 results.  Who knew this subject could generate so much material!!  How hard can it be to put together your education and […]

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Court fees for separating couples ‘are a divorce tax’

The MoJ’s decision to increase court fees for divorce without warning represents a tax on separating couples, according to Resolution, an organisation that campaigns for greater fairness and less confrontation in family law. Family lawyers were taken by surprise by emails from divorce units referencing an increase […]

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“What does it take to reach the Top of your profession”?


This is a question that is often asked of the rich and famous in the world of sport, music, entertainment and highly trained professional’s such as the medical and legal profession. However being the top of your profession should be something that we all aspire to achieve! […]

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The serious implications of lying on your CV

In a competitive recruitment market, it’s only natural for candidates to want to sound as appealing as possible, and aside from the opportunity to write a cover letter, your CV is your one chance to achieve this. However, there is a fine line between writing a CV […]

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Unlimited holiday entitlement – is this too good to be true?


The work place today is a very different one from 10/20 years ago as the demands of our 24/7 consumer culture grows; we have to move with the times. Organisations are recognising the benefits of flexible working for both staff and their bottom line. Flexible working has […]

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Over the past three years there has been a significant number of firms looking forward to their new member of staff joining them only to be let down at the last minute by a hasty email or phone call saying they are sorry but they wont be […]

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Weird laws: Monkey Selfies & Doggy Bags

Not all weird laws date back centuries – in fact, new judgments are being passed all the time, setting precedents that will have relevance in future cases for decades to come. With the Year of the Monkey recently underway, it seems fitting to start with an unusual […]

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Legal Films 2016 – With Kingsley Raffael

I am not sure I can pass this review off as credible as BBC 1’s Film 2016 with Claudia Winkleman; but that said I am sure when she took over from Barry Norman she may have said a very similar thing. As so many, I am a […]

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New Horizons

As consultants we speak with hundreds of candidates each year who may be looking to move to a new role.  Some for relocation purposes or redundancy whilst others are looking to progress their career be it towards partnership or for a purely fee earning role with more […]

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Things that Ruin your Holiday

Skiing holidays

With Christmas out of the way, and half term just around the corner, pay day is imminent so let’s talk holidays!!! You may be about to hit the ski slopes, planning a week or two in the sun or embarking on an adventure holiday and this is […]

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