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New Horizons

New HorizonsAs consultants we speak with hundreds of candidates each year who may be looking to move to a new role.  Some for relocation purposes or redundancy whilst others are looking to progress their career be it towards partnership or for a purely fee earning role with more client contact.  Some however worry the future they had envisaged for themselves back in their glorious Uni days may have become in the present a little bit monotonous.

Reviewing your career may seem a daunting challenge but if you take the time to assess both your current position and the legal market you may find some surprising and exciting job opportunities with new adventures on the horizon.

It does not mean you have to move firms today, it simply means you stop to look at where you are, the work path you have travelled to get here and where you would like your journey to take you next.  Achieving the correct path is key, some people often stay too long in a role, safely swimming in shallow waters whilst others like to keep diving into deep water and too often not finding what they are truly looking for.

We have put together three simple questions to help you:-

Are you fired up for work and looking ahead to your day or does it fill you with dread?

Maybe you have become a part of the flow, heading along with your colleagues and several thousand other commuters to a role where you now find your only motivator is payday.  Or do you find you are having Monday morning blues five days a week.  Engagement and enjoyment with your workplace, colleagues and clients are all important factors to being more productive.   If you are not engaged or challenged regularly you will find your productivity level falling away.

What are your key factors for staying with your current firm?

They simply should be you enjoy your work and find it both challenging and rewarding.  You are travelling along the progression path you are looking for and you enjoy the environment and get on well with your and clients, colleagues and bosses (unless of course you are the boss)?

Where do you see yourself in x years?

This is the infamous question often asked at interview stage and the answer to this question then must be linked to the firm you are sat in front of on that day, but don’t leave this question until then.  Knowing where you would like your destination to be is the first step to you achieving it.

If you are seeking partnership make sure the firms you approach have this as a realistic opportunity, not all firms can appoint every solicitor and associate to partnership level.

If you are seeking to become a specialist in an area of law, are you working at a firm known for this area of law and are they industry leaders.  You need to be at the firms where you will get the quality and type of work you want to specialise in and excel at.

Whatever your reasons for moving, retraining or even staying put for the moment, make sure you are on track for 2016 and contact us at Law Consultants to discuss new opportunities.













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