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Junior lawyers regularly feeling unable to cope because of stress, survey finds

A recent survey by the Law Society Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) detailed that over 82% of them feel either regularly or occasionally stressed, with 26% of them being severely or extremely stressed. 

Stress was defined by the survey as ‘being under too much emotional or mental pressure’.

20% of the responding junior lawyers confirmed they regularly felt unable to cope.  40% of them have looked for a different job due to the degree of stress their current role is causing them. 

It is noteworthy that men have been found to be far less likely to confirm they are suffering with either stress or mental health problems at work than women.

The survey detailed that the principal stress factors for junior lawyers were ineffective management, lack of support, client demands/expectations and an excessively high workload.  83% of junior lawyer respondents felt their firm were capable of far more to assist with issues around stress at work.

Kayleigh Leonie, the JLD’s Law Society council member, said: “It is clear that negative stress and mental ill-health continue to adversely affect junior lawyers in the profession. There is real value in investing time and resource to improve employees’ mental wellbeing and mental health.

“The legal profession is at risk of losing some of its best talent if employers do not begin to embrace their employees’ wellbeing as a key asset for their business.

“The legal profession still has a long way to go to alleviate the stigma relating to mental ill-health. The JLD hopes that the work it is doing will help to reduce the stigma and encourage organisations to foster good mental health.”

The JLD have published guidance for employers which urges them to adopt a more proactive and inclusive attitude to mental health issues.

If you needing support for mental health reasons, stress or other issues we suggest you contact LawCare.  But if you think that a change in job may help call Law Consultants today.  We have lots of job for junior lawyers and not the ones that will cause you stress!

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