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Is basic courtesy costing solicitors business?

Calling client back

Customer relationship management is an effective strategy used to attract and retain customers, the successful running of a business relies on the relationship a company generates with their clients to aid revenue growth. However, recent research has found that solicitors may be ignoring this vital tool, leaving customers feeling mishandled and disregarded.


Mystery shoppers have been used for years to detect the true actions of employees and Insight6 (a Customer experience consultancy) have found that law firms are lacking in basic customer courtesy. After contacting 50 personal injury firms, Insight6 investigated their customer care process in converting them into new clients.


Insight6 found that a key issue was following up on potential leads. Whilst a third of firms called back within 15 minutes, some found they were waiting more than two days to hear back or received no contact whatsoever. Another complaint was their rapport with customers, as they experienced inappropriate levels of enthusiasm and a total ignorance of requests.


Although, it was not all negative feedback alone. For those leads that were followed up, customers found their exchanges friendly and helpful, leaving many to agree they would recommend the firm to others.


In today’s technologically advanced and competitive environment, it is vital an organisation is using each of its channel of communications effectively. Consumers are able to compare companies and research in depth from a tap of their smartphone. Qamar Anwar, First4Lawyers managing director argues that price is not the key point of competition in the personal injury market, which makes other factors such as quality of service an even more important tool.


Law firms may need to take into account the recent research found by Insight6 and use its findings to ensure their services do not reflect an inconsiderate behaviour towards their clients. In an immensely competitive industry, a basic level of friendly communication is a small but effective tool to make sure firms are doing all they can to stand out and maintain their business.


Are you working in a company that respects customer service? We work with many law firms that understand the nature of client and customer care; these are normally the firms that look after their employees well too, so if you fancy a change, give us a call.

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