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Highly Stressed Lawyers More Likely to Make Unhealthy Choices

Highly-stressed lawyers are 200% more likely to follow unhealthy lifestyles, new research has discovered.



The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey from Willis Towers Watson (WTW) found that over 60% of those with high levels of stress are more likely to follow an unhealthy diet, exhibit an exercise poor attitude, smoke and suffer lack of sleep. The figure for those with low stress levels is just one-third.


The figures show a clear correlation between stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. The reason for this is in the origin of stress.


Stress can also take many forms: emotional, psychological, or physical and this can result in low energy levels, muscle tension, headaches and a general anxiety.  This then impacts on an individual’s ability to follow a healthy lifestyle, despite things like exercise being recommended to combat stress.


The issue gets compounded when the symptom of stress causes further stress.  For example, sleep deprivation is a problem associated with anxiety, yet sleep deprivation itself causes stress.


Law firms can help their people combat these cycles by not just being mindful of stress but by investing time in “stress audits”.  If they also take measures to prevent stress at the same time, this has the greatest chance of success.  These measures could include awareness and education.


If you are looking for a law firm that is not going to add to your stress, then contact Law Consultants today.  We have a range of clients who will invest in your well-being.  Similarly, we also know some great personal trainers if you need to get out and exercise more!

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