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City law firms aim to improve mental wellbeing amongst lawyers

lawyer stressed

October saw many professionals banding together for World Mental Health Day, sharing stories and supporting one another. One of the key issues that was raised on that day was how working practises can affect the mental health and wellbeing of workers. In response to this, eight leading […]

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Working class solicitors could struggle to get promoted

working class home

A study from The Bridge Group, an organisation which researches and promotes socio-economic diversity, found that solicitors from less prosperous backgrounds are struggling to climb the career ladder. The report suggests that one of the main reasons for this is because they are trying too hard to […]

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Is basic courtesy costing solicitors business?

Calling client back

Customer relationship management is an effective strategy used to attract and retain customers, the successful running of a business relies on the relationship a company generates with their clients to aid revenue growth. However, recent research has found that solicitors may be ignoring this vital tool, leaving […]

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Reasons to reconsider becoming a partner

While there are a number of career choices you can make as a young lawyer, the overall goal for many tends to be partnership. In fact, the majority of practitioners will complete their degree and start their journey towards becoming a partner. But why has this become […]

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Law firms see revenue increase by 5.5% in 2018

This year looks to be a very positive year for law firms, according to Gretta Rusanow, Head of Advisory Services at Citi Private Bank’s law firm group. In fact, a report from Citi Private Bank revealed that firms have already seen revenue increasing by 5.5% over the […]

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UK lawyers chasing Irish registration due to Brexit fears

Of all the solicitors who are currently registered in Ireland, 9% are from either England or Wales. Many of these professionals took the decision to register in Ireland after the UK’s referendum which voted in favour of leaving the EU.   From the start of 2016, a […]

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Why ‘Soft’ Skills matter

What abilities spring to mind when you imagine the skillset of a successful lawyer? Relevant qualifications from a well-respected institution? An analytical mind, and extensive knowledge of the legal system? The ability to conduct thorough research and present findings concisely? Skills such as these may well fall […]

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Lawyers could benefit from a Smartphone vacation

As more and more of us have a smartphone glued nigh-on constantly to our hands, the time has come to question the idea that we need to be reachable 24/7. Whilst larger firms have multiple partners on board to keep things running smoothly, smaller firms often feel […]

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Social Mobility a Key Concern for Law Firms

With regards to social mobility, the law industry seems to be leading the way, with 14 firms firmly in the top 50 list of practices who have strived to take the greatest action to ensure they hire from all backgrounds. The Ministry of Justice is at the […]

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How times have changed – 99 years of women in law and how there are now MORE female solicitors than male

Nearly a century on since certain women were granted the opportunity to practice law, there are now 366 more female than male solicitors in England and Wales. The year was 1888 when the first ever woman, Eliza Orme received a law degree from University College London, yet […]

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