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Social Mobility a Key Concern for Law Firms

With regards to social mobility, the law industry seems to be leading the way, with 14 firms firmly in the top 50 list of practices who have strived to take the greatest action to ensure they hire from all backgrounds. The Ministry of Justice is at the […]

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How times have changed – 99 years of women in law and how there are now MORE female solicitors than male

Nearly a century on since certain women were granted the opportunity to practice law, there are now 366 more female than male solicitors in England and Wales. The year was 1888 when the first ever woman, Eliza Orme received a law degree from University College London, yet […]

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Caught on Camera: Your Employees and TV Appearances

Do you want to see your latest legal recruit on ‘Love Island’,  your paralegals having a blazing row on ‘Ex on the Beach,’ your solicitors singing drunk in a jacuzzi in the Big Brother house, your corporate lawyers checking into the ‘Ibiza Weekender’ hotel,  or how about […]

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Dress to impress?

It is the case that in the legal industry, appearances still matter.  The way in which you choose to dress impacts on the respect you command, the trust you inspire and ultimately the image you wish to portray.  Above all the way in which you dress can […]

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New graduate intake – is it time for you to make a move?

June – a time when law graduates are beginning to enter the workplace.  It’s also the time when many lawyers begin to tick over another year of PQE.  A time for reflection and to ask if you are in the right place.   Seeing shiny new graduates […]

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Highly Stressed Lawyers More Likely to Make Unhealthy Choices

Highly-stressed lawyers are 200% more likely to follow unhealthy lifestyles, new research has discovered.     The Global Benefits Attitudes Survey from Willis Towers Watson (WTW) found that over 60% of those with high levels of stress are more likely to follow an unhealthy diet, exhibit an […]

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Are more young women being inspired to study law by Meghan Markle’s appearance in the TV drama Suits?

Meghan Markle is Rachel Zane in Suits

Whilst almost impossible for most of us to emulate Meghan Markle in real life by dating and soon marrying a Prince, it appears that many of us have been inspired by and are choosing to follow in the footsteps of her senior paralegal character Rachel Zane in […]

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Junior lawyers regularly feeling unable to cope because of stress, survey finds

A recent survey by the Law Society Junior Lawyers Division (JLD) detailed that over 82% of them feel either regularly or occasionally stressed, with 26% of them being severely or extremely stressed.  Stress was defined by the survey as ‘being under too much emotional or mental pressure’. […]

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Key reasons that older lawyers struggle to gain employment within law firms

jobs for Older lawyers

There is a perception that within legal firms, it is difficult for older lawyers to gain employment. This has led to many remaining at the same firm for the latter part of their careers due to the fact that finding employment elsewhere simply proves to be too […]

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Things to think about when choosing a legal mentor

If you are hoping to be in line for a promotion at work, or if you just want to develop your legal career, there are things that you can do to increase this chance. One such thing is being assigned to a mentor, as this gives you […]

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