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5 Ways to ensure you recruit the right Candidate

5 Ways

5 Ways to ensure you recruit the right Candidate…..We appreciate entirely the difficulties that firms have when trying to recruit the right candidate. There are so many uncertainties for example; how do you know they will commit to your firm for the long term? Will they damage your reputation with your clients and the worst case scenario of leaving and joining a competitor locally.

The truth is you don’t! There are no guarantees; but below there are 5 suggestions as to how you can endeavour to make the right decision:

  1. Have a clear understanding of the vacancy you are looking to fill:

This is key. Take time to consider the reasons why you are looking for a new member of the team. Has someone left? Increased workload? Succession planning? All of these questions will influence the type of candidate that you are looking for. Take time to write a job description and a candidate profile as this will ensure when applications are made that you have something to refer to for suitability.  As you receive the applications create a three categories for interview; Yes, No and Maybe. Filter these down to between 4 and 6 candidates that you would like interview.

  1. Inviting and conducting candidates interview:

This can often be more daunting for you as the future employer; you hear of recruitment agencies helping the interviewees prepare; giving them advice on likely questions, advise on researching the firms website. But who gives a thought to an interviewer who may not have ever been shown how to conduct a formal interview. What questions should and should not be asked? Not all firms have a designated HR facility in fact many don’t and this is often left to line managers whose only experience may have come from being interviewed.

So take some time and plan the questions around the job description and profile; have a colleague in the interview to get a second opinion on the candidates suitability both for the role but just as important cultural fit. Hopefully fromm the 6 you can short list to two or three for second interviews.

  1. Second Interviews:

You have now shortlisted your top three potential new employees and you know that they have the necessary and relevant skills and are a good cultural fit. This is now an opportunity for you to really get to know more about the candidates skills and personality; you may want to set a short technical test? Offer to show them around the office to meet other members of the team; by doing this you are showing the candidates that you are very interested in them and you will get to see how they cope under pressure and the interpersonal skills with potential future colleagues.

  1. Decision made:

You have conducted all interviews and you have given all the feedback to the unsuccessful applicants. Please remember to do this as you may have had to make a very hard decision between two candidates and you still do not know if your preferred candidate will accept your offer. Besides it is good manners if applicants have taken the time to come for interview. Employers often think that once they have made their selection that it is a done deal. Wrong! This is now the most important part of the process. You have your preferred candidate and hopefully you have all of the relevant information to put an attractive offer together; take the time to ensure that you match the candidates expectation and preferably exceed it. Do not underestimate the effect this can have on their decision. Once you are happy that you have done so put the offer to them verbally and make sure you explain why they have been selected out of so many applicants. It is a natural emotion for people to be wanted! Make sure you have a formal offer letter ready to back up the offer and once accepted send this. These are all ways of making them feel important!

  1. Stay in touch in the notice period:

Assuming they have accepted and the references have been collected the notice period is a critical time. Notice periods are generally between one and three months and the longer they are the more chance of the offer falling through. Remember this new employee will feel very exposed in their notice period as many of their colleagues may disengage with them, or employers may counter offer once they know what they are losing which should come as no surprise as you are wanting to hire them!! So put some time aside to call regularly, arrange office drinks and invite them. Remember you want them to join and have a long career with your firm.

Recruiting good staff is difficult and the more specialist your area of expertise the harder it gets and that is why many successful and busy firms work with consultants and agencies such as Law Consultants. We understand the importance of finding you the very best candidates and will assist you throughout the recruitment and interview process to ensure that you secure the very best candidate for your legal requirements. If you would like to discuss a legal role that you are looking to fill then please do not hesitate to contact Kingsley Raffael or one of the team at Law Consultants.

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